Evergreen Debris Channel Barrier Entrance Matting System

DC022 Aluminium grid barrier entrance matting system with heavy ribbed polypropylene infills, colour anthracite. As specified by Marks & Spencer.

EMS Evergreen Debris Channel aluminium entrance matting retains more foot borne dirt than any other matting on the market. Due to its innovative channel sections it collects dirt below the surface of the mat which results in less dirt on the surface that can be tracked into the building by foot traffic.

EMS Evergreen Debris Channel entrance matting is the only aluminium matting product to have Greenspec accreditation. http://www.greenspec.co.uk/green-products/entrance-mats/details/evergreen-debris-channel-matting/ The minimum recycled content of any of the Debris Channel range is 80%. This is achieved through sourcing suppliers who aim to recognise the importance of minimising the impacts of consumption, whilst still providing a product that can outperform less sustainable alternatives.

Available as recessed and surface mounted with ramped frame edge entrance matting systems.

For our full EMS Debris Channel range of entrance matting please see below. NBS Specification PDFs can be found alongside every infill listed below.

What are the benefits?

  • Easily cut on site – solid grid system, no wires
  • Recessed or surface mounted
  • Innovative Debris channels – collects dirt in channels and easy to remove
  • Closed and Open entrance matting systems
  • Recessed or surface mounted with ramped edge frames
  • Extra Heavy duty
  • Several infill material options and colours to suit any application
  • 95% recycled aluminium grid system
  • Green spec accreditation

Suitable for:

Product Variations

DC001 Infill Material

A superior technical development, DC001 is a unique heavy, dense entrance matting system, engineered to withstand the most extreme traffic conditions.

DC001 also provides near perfection in scrubbing dirt and moisture from shoes.  The ingenious construction gives exceptional dirt retention.  Moisture and water trapped beneath the surface is released by evaporation. As entrance matting, EMS Debris Channel with 001 is recommended for all exceptionally heavy traffic areas, e.g. shop areas subjected to stiletto heel and trolley attack, including heavy retail, airports, hospitals and educational institutions.

DC002 Infill Material

Ideal for heavy traffic areas this dense polypropylene brush infill is superior to conventional matting in all the following important aspects: Much harder wearing Higher, tensile strength, Non-shedding, Better colour and ultraviolet stability, Wheelchair friendly, Improved castor and trolley resistance B2 flame resistance (DIN 4102)Indoor and outdoor use, Guaranteed not to unravel or fray, Easier to clean Improved dimensional stability, retention, Excellent abrasion resistance and initial thickness retention.

DC003-MD Infill Material

Extremely hard wearing, durable commercial entrance matting infill material. Made with polypropylene and recycled polyester in a versatile multi-directional design with a cobbled effect surface.

Exceptional dirt scrapping properties.

British made entrance matting infill material.

It will not ravel or fray.

Thermal properties conserve heat, acoustic properties reduce noise pollution and you can expect additional grip from the unique multi-directional design.

Low maintenance costs. Replaceable strips.

Perfect for representing corporate colours and company logos. Great choice of colours.

DC004 Infill Material

The DC004 is a 100% natural fibre obtained from the outer husks of coconuts. Even today it is still it referred to as “Coconut Matting” or “Coco Mats”.

004 offer a contemporary and modern look to the entrance of your building. Due to the resilience from the coconut fibres, it is ideal for high footfall areas.

Coir Mats possess great absorbency, can be easily brushed clean.

DC005 Infill Material

The DC005 rubber infill was designed with a non slip ribbed top surface and high grip cloth finished bottom to provide a hygienic, economical, hard wearing and an ideal anti-slip floor covering. Made from Natural Rubber and Styrene Butadiene Rubber is has a High grip, Anti-slip and hardwearing finish it is available in the Electrical Safety format. Ideal for heavy foot/trolley traffic and sports arenas which are subject to studs and spikes.

DC008 infill material

DC008 is suitable for all applications which require attention to impact, sound and vibration, durability and resistance to mechanical loads. Specification friendly for a large variety of applications. It can be used for a wide variety of sports entrances, hospitals and schools; it is long-lasting, resilient and is made from 100% recycled rubber. The infill of choice for the very heaviest of traffic applications.

DC009 Infill Material

DC009 is tufted cut pile infill manufactured from 100% solution-dyed nylon. It has an added scraper action for maximum performance. The mottled colour design cleverly hides surface dirt and debris. It is ideal for use in heavy traffic entrance applications for education, retail and leisure.

DC022 infill material

DC022 is a versatile infill which has a wide rib creating a defined contrast in its texture. With unrivalled scraping action and high absorbency levels this product has become our most specified option. It is widely used in the education sector as it is highly durable yet proves easy to maintain. It can also be found in public sector buildings, libraries and retail outlets.

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