Make sure your reception area, foyer or front door space give the right impression of your business; setting a professional, modern and clean environment for your visitors and staff is very important.

Entrance matting can often be left to the last minute when designing a new build or refurbishment, however we know from many years of experience in this industry just how important choosing and installing the right entrance matting system for the individual business and building can be. After all it is literally the first thing anyone will see or feel once they enter your building. There are endless possibilities for design, including colour, pattern, sustainability and durability.

The main purpose of an entrance mat is to remove dirt, moisture and debris, protecting the internal flooring and creating a cleaner and safer internal environment for your visitors and staff.

Something to remember – entrance matting doesn’t have to be grey! We love colour at EMS entrance matting systems limited, with our original Colortread entrance matting system and the 60 plus colours within the Evergreen Debris Channel ranges. If you are interested in colour and design – please have a look at the exclusive Tretford Design Range and DC003-md multi-directional honeycombe recycled entrance matting infills.

Adding to the longevity of the overall entrance matting system, our unique replaceable infills and scraper bars make the entrance matting systems more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Things to consider:

Environment – Size, number of entrances and whether external or internal or both. Extreme temperatures or exposure to salt or weather

Doors – Revolving doors or other specialist doors catered for and worked with

Use – visitors and/or staff usage

Traffic – footfall number and type of traffic i.e. wheeled and direction

Design – colour, anodised, texture, materials, shape including curves, pattern, logo and branding

Sustainability – Natural fibres, natural rubber, recycled aluminium and polyester or econylon


EMS technical and sales team will happily advise and assist with your entrance matting requirements and ideas. Samples can be ordered through the website or by giving us a call: 01205 761757 or email: