Colourful Entrance Matting inspired by nature – natural and sustainable materials don’t have to be limited in colour. The natural world is full of beautiful and varied colours that can be also be explored in entrance matting design.

Nature is full of colour and texture, just like this British Woodland

British Woodland – natural and colourful. Green is a colour.

EMS specialise in sustainable colourful commercial entrance matting systems.

Entrance matting isn’t limited to the usual grey or black with EMS, we offer a staggering number of colours and textures including; flat, ribbed, diamond or chequerboard. In addition to colour and texture, EMS offers entrance matting infills in natural, sustainable, and/or recycled materials.


Anodised entrance matting

Joules Town and City Specification – EMS TDR Dapple grey with medium bronze anodising

Anodised aluminium grid systems.

EMS entrance matting comprises of a panelled interlocking solid aluminium grid system interlocking metal bases with specifically designed debris channels for maximum scrapping and dirt removal. The aluminium is available in a standard silver mill finish or 8 anodised metallic colours. These include 3 shades of gold and bronze (light, medium and dark for each colour) or black and gunmetal grey finishes.

The 100% recycled aluminium angle frames designed for recessed entrance matting or ramp edged frames for surface mounted entrance matting can be anodised in matching colours to add a more professional finish and clean lines to your entrance matting.



Colour and sustainability has always been at the forefront of EMS Ltd, the first product range – EMS Colortread entrance matting is still in production today, providing durable, eye catching and colourful entrance matting. EMS Colortread entrance matting consists of a solid interlocking 100% recycled aluminium grid system base combined with a great selection of infill materials as well as colourful scraper bars.

Shade of green within the EMS Tretford Design Range

EMS Tretford Design Range – just an example of the shades in one colour. Shown here in green.

Sustainable and Natural Entrance Matting

One of the most popular ranges is the EMS Tretford Design range. EMS Tretford Design range is specified and trusted by many of our regular and new customers. This entrance matting infill material is both natural and sustainable, made from ethically sourced goat hair which would have otherwise been discarded. This material is hard wearing, absorbent, naturally dirt repellent and adds a luxurious colour and texture to the entrance matting. There are 60 beautiful colours including several un-dyed colours to choose from, this colour palette makes Tretford a great choice if you are looking for a specific colour, a colourful logo, matching or complimentary colour to blend into your existing or new interior colour scheme and a sustainable entrance matting system.


Entrance matting with replaceable infill strips

EMS’s unique replaceable infill strips and/or scraper bars. Available across all entrance matting ranges.

All EMS entrance matting ranges offer replaceable infill strips – fantastic for complimenting new trends, interior colour schemes, brand changes. Not only a sustainable way to update your entrance matting by replacing worn out strips, it is also a fraction of the cost of replacing a completely new entrance matting system.





You can specify with confidence – EMS offer a 15 year Guarantee on all EMS entrance matting systems. Please call or email our experienced sales team or visit our website to order your samples and start designing your new entrance mat.


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