Case Study:

The Blade, Reading. Estilo Interiors.

Spec: Tretford Design Range (TDR) EMS entrance matting system with natural goat hair infills, colour charcoal. Bespoke colour matched anodised aluminium grid system, colour brass. Low profile 11mm. Heavy duty Commercial entrance matting system.

The Blade in Reading is a stunning, iconic building offering luxury office spaces.

We were delighted to be selected for the manufacture and installation of the entrance matting for this iconic building. We worked closely with the client, the Designers and our Anodisers in order to design and manufacture a bespoke luxury entrance matting system. We were able to produce a very close colour match with our anodised aluminium grid entrance matting system and the solid brass provided by the client and designer. Please see image 1.

We were able to colour match the brass for this special project. Image 1.

The combination of our exclusive TDR Tretford Design Range in the dark Charcoal grey and the soft brass anodised aluminium work perfectly together, creating a very contemporary, luxurious and yet hard wearing commercial entrance matting system. The entrance matting now compliments the exterior and interior of The Blade. Please images 2. and 3.

Entrance matting is often left to the end of a project and sometimes there is little time and/or budget left for this essential part of the project. We are different to many entrance matting manufacturers, in that we are not only passionate about our products but also pride ourselves on offering a truly bespoke service to our clients. We work hard to make sure the entrance matting is a feature of the overall design of a building as well as functioning as a heavy duty commercial entrance matting system.

Anodising is quickly becoming very popular with designers, not only adding to the colour choices and finishes available but also increasing the hard wearing properties of the solid aluminium grid entrance matting system. We have a number of clients who have specified our anodised aluminium for their businesses, these can be seen in all sectors, especially retail, hospitality and leisure.

If you are interested in colour matched anodised aluminium grid entrance matting systems please email: or call us (T: 01205 761757) for more information. EMS are unique with this service, we are passionate about our products and we love working with clients and designers to create the best possible solution in terms of design and functionality.


The Blade’s bespoke heavy duty entrance matting system with revolving door in TDR with colour matched anodised brass aluminium. Image 3.

The Blade’s brass signage colour matched with anodised aluminium entrance matting system. Image 2.