Entrance Matting FAQs
Entrance matting enquiries answered here: (if you have any specific enquiries please do not hesitate to email: info@entrance-matting.com or call: 01205 761757)

• What is entrance matting?
Entrance matting is specific hard wearing flooring material for use in entrance areas. Entrance matting will remove and retain soil/debris and moisture brought into the building, protecting the internal flooring throughout the rest of the building.

• Why do I need entrance matting?
Entrance matting will help reduce the likelihood of slips, trips and falls by removing and retaining debris and moisture at the first area of contact within or immediately outside the building.
Cleaning and maintenance costs are reduced (pdf of cleaning and maintenance available on request)
Internal flooring is protected and this also reducing wear of the internal floors, therefore they will potentially last longer.
Aesthetically pleasing, creating a clean, smart and professional first impression of the interior and business or service.
Logos and colour choices offer potential opportunity for additional branding and marketing of your business or service. Please email: info@entrance-matting.com with your requirements and we will provide a quotation, offer any design and technical advice.

• Installation – do you offer installation of your entrance matting?
Yes EMS offers a professional installation service by experienced entrance matting installation engineers. This service includes a full site survey and installation to suit your requirements and preferences.

• Are EMS entrance matting systems easy to install? Can we install the entrance matting ourselves?
Yes, EMS entrance matting systems are the easiest to install, no wires, solid aluminium extrusion and can be easily cut on site using a jigsaw with aluminium wide toothed blade. (link to pdf on fitting)

• How do I clean and maintain the entrance matting?
Regularly vacuum – daily recommended. Infill strips can be replaced at any stage, please ask for a quotation.

• External Entrance Matting:
EMS Colortread options: CT001, CT005, CT008
EMS Evergreen Debris Channel options: DC001, DC005, DC008
EMS Rail and Transport multi-track – low smoke emission section 12 and non-section 12 rubber

• Internal options:
EMS Colortread options: CT001, CT002, CT004, CT022
EMS Evergreen Debris Channel options: DC001, DC002, DC004, DC022
All EMS Tretford Design Range

• What size entrance matting do I need?
Please call 01205 761757 or send any enquiries regarding sizes and materials to: info@entrance-matting.com and our dedicated Sales & Technical team will get back to you.