Tretford Design Range Recycled Aluminium Grid Barrier Entrance Matting System

Entrance Matting Systems Ltd has combined the 95% Recycled Aluminium Evergreen Debris Channel Grid System with the Luxurious, Natural, Sustainable and World renowned Tretford carpet infills. This is a truly unique and exclusive combination of entrance matting creating an innovative link between British Engineering, the Environment and Design. There is no need to compromise with this luxury matting system.

EMS Tretford Infill material is manufactured to the highest environmental standard with the lowest possible pollution emissions. The infill material is made primarily from the by-product (waste) of Cashmere goat farming from well-managed, ethical and sustainable sources. It also has a sustainable, natural, undyed jute backing. Tretford provides a healthier internal environment with reduction of dust and air pollution for improved air quality. Performing as an air filter.

Highest award from Global Green Tag Accreditation – Gold Plus

Treford material facilitates excellent indoor acoustics. Tretford is also a natural insulator of heat – saving both energy and money.

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Extremely hard wearing infill material along with added benefit of the rigid aluminium base, which is considerably stronger than rubber and wired products, as well as being durable for 30-40 years. Easy to maintain with regular cleaning and periodic maintenance. Manufactured to withstand heavy footfall, trolley, wheel chair use and to be easily maintained for years to come.

Our new range of Tretford Entrance Matting provides the largest selection of colours within commercial entrance matting on the market. With 60 colours to choose from and option to anodise the solid aluminium grid system and angle frames in a choice of metallic colours, including golds, bronzes, greys and black; providing endless possibilities for designers and architects. Ideal for branding and logo entrance matting systems.

What are the benefits?

  • 60 Tretford colours to choose from – great for inlaid logo entrance matting
  • Global Green Tag – Gold Plus and Silver Plus ratings
  • Green Spec Accredited – part of the Evergreen Debris Channel Range
  • Tretford Natural goat hair infill, waste product from cashmere clothing trade
  • Natural insulator of heat – saving energy and money
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Extremely hardwearing and absorbent
  • 90% recycled aluminium grid system
  • Innovative Debris Channels – closed aluminium grid system

Suitable for:

Colour Options

Gun Metal Grey

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