Entrance Matting Systems offer a full installation service anywhere in Europe; offering you peace of mind that the matting will be installed by qualified matting experts. Our teams will co-ordinate with Site managers, designers and Architects to ensure the matting is installed to specification and at the most appropriate time within the project. Entrance Matting Systems Ltd will assume all the responsibility to ensure the entrance matting package is carried out to the highest standards.

If you do choose a supply only option, you can be sure our systems are the simplest aluminium matting to install on the market. Please see installation guidelines below;


Prior to the installation of EMS matting, you should ensure that the sub-floor recess is left smooth and level. EMS matting is available in two thickness options, standard profile 17mm, or low profile 12mm. Any build up or levelling that maybe required prior to installation can be completed by the use of self levelling latex.


Entrance Matting Systems is able to provide aluminium frame option to suit each of the matting profiles. These can be ordered to any size and will come in 4000mm lengths. All frames will be supplied angle mitred and pre-drilled. When installing onsite, please ensure the frame sits level with the secondary floor. Mitres are to be kept tight together and can be fixed by mechanical means through the pre-drilled holes we provide as standard.


EMS matting is bespoke made, meaning all shapes and sizes are achievable. EMS manufactures up to 4000mm left to right in one single piece. For sizes above 4000mm, the matting panels can be butted together, this will result in a minimal join. This is opposed to wired matting systems which can require a T-bar which highlights the joins.

Each panel is manufactured and supplied in approximate 500mm F/B sections which interlink together using a male and female edge (see pictures below). Any front to back size can be achieved as the matting can be finished with an aluminium end section which will be cut down as required.

EMS matting panels can be either loose laid into a mat well recess or surface mounted together with a DDA ramp edge. Due to the solid aluminium base of the matting if any cut outs or cutting is required when on site this can be simply completed with the use of a jigsaw or band saw.

We recommend a tolerance of 3-4 mm on each side of the matting panel, this will allow for any expansion that may occur. The edge of the mat is finished off with either an aluminium or PVC end section therefore any front to back size can be achieved (see photo below on our Colortread range)

Additional Information

  • Entrance matting can be ordered oversized and cut on site (this is often the case for irregularly shaped area)
  • All panels are packed together within cardboard and each individual parcel will weight no more than 35kg’s
  • All entrance matting is sent out with full installation plans

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