Entrance Matting Systems Ltd is a young and adaptable company with fresh ideas and a drive to be the best. EMS is proud to introduce brand new ranges of Entrance Matting that reflects the current climate with regards to the sustainability and design creativity.

We manufacture our high quality Aluminium entrance matting from 100% UK materials and have been the exclusive suppliers to Marks & Spencer and the Arcadia Group for many years. As a brand, Entrance Matting Systems Ltd are well known for their Colortread and Evergreen Debris Channel ranges, however EMS have also created specialist products for London Underground , consisting of two matting systems: The New LU DC Matting and EMS LU Multi-Track Matting Systems both have been designed and manufactured specifically for LUL and comply with the Section Twelve Regulations.

Our drive is to produce effective sustainable entrance matting solutions for every project, and try to inject a little colour and fun into a product that has lacked imagination. At EMS we believe entrance matting should offer designer flexibility a well as optimal performance and EMS have achieved both with our entrance matting ranges.

The Entrance Matting Systems Ltd team are made up of a group of driven individuals from all walks of life that are determined to stay at the forefront of customer satisfaction, design development and value for money.

EMS Ltd: ‘The perfect solution for every application.’ 

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