image from Wirth Research

We were delighted to be able to offer and have accepted, a trail for our EMS Tretford Design Range of recycled aluminium grid entrance matting system alongside the New innovative AirDoor invisible doors at Waitrose & Partners’ store in Berkhamsted last month. (Press release from Waitrose & Partners regarding the AirDoors in May 2019: press release)

We are passionate about our entrance matting products and the EMS Tretford Design Range is no exception. If anything this is one of our most popular as well as most sustainable commercial heavy duty entrance matting system along with EMS LU section 12 Multi-track natural rubber entrance matting.  EMS Tretford Design Range combines luxurious colours and texture with natural, up-cycled and yet incredibly durable, dirt-repellent and absorbent fibres.

EMS Tretford Design Range entrance matting system

Waitrose & Partners – Berkhamsted


Tretford Design Range 95% recycled aluminium grid system, heavy duty, low profile 12 mm with natural goat hair infills, colour Charcoal.

Aluminium angle frames – 16 x 16 x 3 mm

Installation by Entrance Matting Systems



AirDoors were invented by Wirth Reseach, co-funded by Innovate UK in a response to the need for stores to be more sustainable.

AirDoors prevent warm air escaping from the store during colder temperatures and cold air during warmer temperatures. This will not only improve the experience of the customer but also reduce carbon emissions and save the business money on their energy bills.

AirDoors – Archway created on the external door frame – invisible active barrier

The image above is a simplified diagram from Wirth Research to show how this is achieved. The AirDoor uses sensors to detect airflow in either direction. Creating an invisible barrier that will prevent any unwanted cold or hot air flowing into or escaping out of the building. Removes the need for revolving doors or lobbies. For more information about the AirDoors please visit:

We are very impressed with everything we have seen and read about the AirDoors and hope their trial is a great success. We also look forward to working with Waitrose & Partners again in the future with our EMS Tretford Design Range of aluminium grid entrance matting systems.

written by: Kelly Mountain, Senior Sales Manager.